Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nars Zulu dupe: Nfu Oh 569

I'm a HUGE fan of green nail polish, and I've always loved the color of Nars Zulu, but not the hype about it. So even when it was re-released I passed on it because I already had this one from Nfu Oh: 569.

Nfu Oh - 569

Nfu-Oh 569 is a super deep (almost black) green jelly that definitely looks GREEN in direct sunlight or a camera flash, but looks nearly black in all other lights.

Like I said, I love the color of this, but this application just sort of turned me off to it for awhile. It looks pretty nice indoors and in dim light, although the shiny top (China Glaze Fast Forward) has gotten a little scuffed and it just doesn't always look shiny and pretty. But then I stepped out into the sun and HOLY BUBBLES, BATMAN. It ruins the awesome deep green jelly that would look so squishy in the sun. Instead it looks more like a green sponge... not pretty.  Over a couple hours some of the bubbles even breached the shiny surface. I remember I've had the same problem with another one of my favorites: Illamasqua Rampage. It's probably my own fault for not waiting long enough in between coats.

The formula is kinda hard to work with. It's a little thick and tends to end up looking streaky. The best color was at two coats, but to get rid of the uneven parts I had to do three. It also likes to run into cuticles a lot, and is a real pain to clean up.  And it tends to shrink away from the tips.  Maybe I'll add some thinner and wait longer between coats next time... like next winter, haha.


  1. This color is so yummy!! I love it!

  2. Looks gorgeous and not streaky like most Nars shots I've seen


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