Thursday, April 8, 2010

Master Chief Green

Ok, so I was all ready to put up this big long post with all the new jelly polishes I've gotten, but then this post ended up being so much more AWESOME.

Brett and I both LOVE video games - the Halo series is one of our favorites. Needless to say we BOTH have a huge crush on Master Chief, so I've been searching for the perfect Master Chief Green, and I think I've finally found it... maybe.

Sinful Colors - Show Me the Way

In this picture, it is a little bit more yellow green bright than in real life, where it looks slightly more dusty and olive. Just a tid bit more subdued, but not much. I asked Brett what he thought, and he said it was too sparkly. This is true. At this point it was too "gorgeous" to be MC... So I figured maybe a satin topcoat like Orly's Nails for Males would do the trick:

It's still pretty sparkly, and I may not have waited long enough for the topcoat to dry (I'm so impatient, haha), but it was still not exactly what I was going for. So I tried China Glaze Matte Magic:

Whoa. Yes, THAT is what I was looking for. It brings out more of the true color of the polish instead of the color of the shimmer. Of course, I had to test the theory and put it up next to a REAL Master Chief to see if it was indeed a match... (haha, I wish! But alas, it's just the collector's edition helmet)

I love that you can see me taking pictures in the reflection, heehee :o)

Although it's still a tiny bit brighter, I think it's pretty darn close!!

I might end up buying another one (since it's only $1.99 at most Targets, Walgreens, and CVS's) to try to Franken it a little bit grey-er. I also think it would be really cool to have one accent nail done in an orange chrome or even better, orange MINX!

What do you think? Do I have a match? Is this the perfect Master Chief Green?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Oh my gooses, I got New York Summer Amaranth!! I'm SOOOOOO happy right now! I'm sure I will post pics soon.


Zoya Sparkle Swatches

So I didn't quite realize how much of my time school would be taking up for the next few weeks, and I technically should be doing homework instead of posting, but oh well. I took these pictures a couple days ago, and wanted to get them up here for you to see.

Zoya - Ivanka

This green is AMAZING and is a little tiny bit more yellow green than in the photo, but it's pretty close.

Zoya - Charla

Gorgeous teal blue! It's actually quite a bit more green (more true teal) than it shows, and absolutely mesmerizing in the sun!!

Zoya - Mimi

I have a lot of purples (including Milani Totally Cool and Hot Topic Iridescent Purple), but this one is still different. It's almost like the little gold-ish flecks stay underneath the surface, so they appear more rosy-purple. And still crazy sparkly!

Zoya - Alegra

So this one really surprised me. It's PERFECT. I don't normally like pinks much (I'm more of a blue/green/purple polish kind of girl), but I didn't want to take this one off. I started wishing I'd swatched this last so I could just leave it on. I think it might be my favorite *gasp*.

Zoya - Gilda

So apparently I didn't do a good enough job of capturing the difference between Alegra and Gilda. Gilda look much more "hot pink" than Alegra, which is more of a magenta.

Zoya - Gilda (sun)

It was at this point that I realized I should probably be taking pics of these in the sun as well to show the crazy sparkle... after I'd already swatched the others... oh well.

Zoya - Nidhi

Pretty awesome color, and it really stands out from the rest because the base is much more creamy and opaque. Really, really cool.

Altogether, I'm SO in love with this collection. I took the set to show my mom and sister and they decided they need a set of them as well! I usually never feel the need to buy a whole set of nail polishes because not all of the colors are "me," but even the pinks and reds in this one were so PERFECT, and I'm even considering that I need a backup set... whoa.

Nfu-oh 062 (sun)

And last but not least, this was my NOTD after swatching. It's my first Nfu-oh holo, and it's SOOOO rainbow-y! Even in shade and artificial light, it was very distracting!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some random Ulta polishes to get this blog going!

So I woke up this morning to find that I already had TWO followers! How awesome is that! So in celebration (and just for the fun of it) I'm putting up a few random nail polish swatches that I thought were somewhat worthy to be posted.

These are a few I just picked up from Ulta because of their $2 nail polish sale.

Ulta - Sun-Sational

Ulta - Goddess

Ulta - Diva

I actually ended up liking different ones than I expected here. I was surprised that Goddess was opaque in only 3 coats, since it looked like it would be quite sheer. Diva on the other hand was a little goopy and remained sheer the whole time. Sun-sational was probably my favorite and it wasn't too bad for being a yellow polish. It was a little streaky on the first coat, but coats 2 and 3 made it look very nice! Pretty, creamy, sunny yellow!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hello and welcome!

After stalking many a nail-polish-blog, I've finally decided to start one of my own! I am still figuring out how to blog as well as take pictures which accurately portray the various nail polish colors. For now, I would love any comments and suggestions you have for me!

Here is a picture of the wonderful polish that made me feel the absolute need to start my own blog: Charla from the new Zoya Sparkle Collection. The color in this one is SO amazing, and I'm still trying to find a way to capture its crazy teal sparkle. Let me know what you think and I'll try to post images of the rest of the collection in the next few days.

Zoya - Charla

I also want to thank the many other blogs I have been been following that have inspired me to start this one. You should definitely check these out if you haven't seen them already - they are amazing!


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