Sunday, February 19, 2012

butter LONDON - Knackered

I don't really know why I NEEDED Knackered, but nevertheless I bought it when I made an Ulta order for Revlon Whimsical recently. I feel like it's similar to Wet n Wild's Gray's Anatomy (maybe with China Glaze Fairy Dust or Northern Lights topcoat), but without directly comparing I feel like Knackered is a bit more brightly duochrome and has a more metallic finish.

butter LONDON - Knackered over Essie Fair Game

Knackered is a somewhat sheer purple to green duochrome metallic with silver holo micro glitter.  I decided to layer it over Essie Fair Game because it didn't seem like it'd be easily opaque on its own (it'd probably take 3-4 coats to be fully opaque). Plus, at $14 for .4oz (11mL) of polish, I'd like to conserve it. Essie Fair Game is kind of a gunmetal blue/grey shimmer and I used one coat under two coats of Knackered.  The edges in person look a tiny bit more green than in the pics above.

The thing I love about this polish is that in low light the duochrome really stands out, and in bright sunlight the holo glitter brings it to life. Luckily, the glitter doesn't seem to make the metallic finish look too lumpy.

This picture in artificial light shows off the metallic finish and pretty green to purple duochrome depth nicely:

Knackered is a part of butter LONDON's spring/summer 2012 collection and is available at Ulta and the butter LONDON website.  I also got Disco Biscuit which I'll be showing soon as well!


  1. I have that polish too. I've worn it once so far. I blogged about it too. :)

  2. You really can't go wrong with this polish. Holo + Duochrome = Winner! It looks fab on you!

  3. It looks great on you, and I left it behind when I ordered, but I can see now, that it's a great idea to use it over another color!

  4. I just wrote in another blog that I'm not sure how I feel about this polish! When I first saw the bottle shot, I thought it looked amazing but haven't bought it yet because I think the sheerness of it would get to me! I could layer it over something else but for the price... I rather buy something else! Your swatches are brilliant though, even a little tempting :)

  5. I just saw this one on another blog too and it wasn't holographic.
    But I like this one though!

    1. o.O

      I wonder why? Maybe their camera just didn't pick up the sparkles. They don't show up in low or fluorescent lighting very well.

  6. I picked this one up and I was also thinking I could get the same look using Gray's Anatomy with a glitter top coat, so now I'm really wondering how special it really is :-P I love your pics

    1. I don't have my Gray's with me right now, but I'll do a comparison once I do. I'm pretty sure this one is a smoother metallic (I seem to remember Gray's showing brushstrokes), and maybe a little brighter. Now I'm really curious :o)

  7. Very pretty ! :) Its so gorgeous ! It looks wonderful on your nails :))
    I want this :/
    i love your blog i follow you..
    i wish follow me back..
    ps:you have a great blog ! congrats :)
    kisses from turkey ! :) byeee.


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