Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatches and Review

I tried now to go TOO crazy during the 50% of sale at Rescue Beauty Lounge a couple weeks ago. I got five new polishes and I figured I'd swatch them all and put up my review (even though there are plenty out there already).

Rescue Beauty Lounge Plie

The first one I tried was Plie. Like All Lacquered Up, I was drawn to Plie even though pinks are so not my thing (especially light girly ones). But after I put it on my four swatch fingers, I just had to put it on the rest (thus delaying the rest of the swatches). I absolutely love this color. It's a bit warm-toned and dusty, and it looked great on my skin tone. It's seems thin, but it's pretty opaque and easy to work with. This is two coats.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Au Chocolat

The second one is Au Chocolat. It's a reddish-brown creme/jelly. It has nice buildup to opacity in just two coats, but somehow manages to have that glossy jelly look. It's very nice, and doesn't look black even in low light.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbis Non Sufficit

This is such an awesome green, and I'm so glad I got it because I have nothing like it in my collection! The dusty quality really sets it apart. It's also almost perfect in one coat, but I like the slightly thicker look of two coats.

Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War

This one is so cool, but you really have to like that olivey brownish-green murky type of color. I do have something similar (NOT a dupe) in my collection: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Swamp Thing. I decided to do a quick comparison for you here. You can see that Swamp Thing is a couple shades darker and sometimes looks more green, sometimes more brown. No More War definitely has a tad more yellow.

I also got Medium White, but it doesn't look right by itself in my opinion (even after three coats), but I may do an America/French manicure with it to show it off in the near future.

Overall, I'm very pleased with all of the polishes I got from this sale. They are all of excellent quality and I will certainly be wearing each one more than once! The sale is no longer going on, but you can still purchase RBL polishes here.

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  1. "No More War" is insanely unique! I love it. It looks definitely olive more than khaki. I wonder how the two you swatched would compare to Chanel's Khaki Vert.


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