Friday, November 5, 2010

Camo nails!!

Edit: I redid my editing on the picture and I think this captures the colors much more accurately than the picture below.

So here is a cool camo manicure I did a couple days ago. Unfortunately it looked way too blue in the pictures and I tried to fix it a little, but it looks a little washed out now.

I used Essie Sew Psyched, Obsessive Comelsive Cosmetics Swamp Thing, and Barielle Chashmere or Lose Me, because these looked as close to the Chanel Khaki collection as I could get without paying $75. I got the idea from All Lacquered Up's post here. In person, it looks much closer to the browns and green you see in her post, but for some reason my camera didn't like the colors...

Anyway, Emerald Sparkled is having an awesome giveaway with great prizes! You should check it out and enter here!


  1. great camo mani! i could never do that :)

  2. Actually, it's much easier than it looks... you kind of just draw random shapes with the very tip of the brush instead of swiping from the side. I want to try it with other colors as well in the future :o)

  3. this is very cool! i'm gonna try it oneday. i just found your blog and reading it now =)

  4. That is SO Cool! I might have to try this. Combined with your name, it makes me think of Top Gun lol!

    I've just started following you.


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