Monday, November 22, 2010

OPI Glitzerland and Bring on the Bling

I have been all about trying accent nails lately since this post on Polish or Perish, and this combination is my FAVORITE. I love that the overall tone of both of these is a nice neutral gold that tends to look spectacular on any skin tone. This is OPI Glitzerland with a Bring on the Bling accent nail.

One of the best parts about OPI glitter, in my opinion, is that instead using of holo glitter for extra color, they actually use different colors and sizes of glitter. Instead of becoming quite dull in the shade and indoors like holo glitter can, it maintains its super colorful "party confetti" appearance no matter the light.

This picture was taken on day 3 of the manicure - no chips and very little tipwear (which was probably actually caused by Seche Vite shrinkage anyway).

This was taken in the sun on the 4th day, and it still looks perfect. Glitzerland just glistens (no pun intended, it's true!) in the sun! It's nearly as sparkly as Bring on the Bling!

I have more accent nail manicures to show you coming soon!

Do you like the accent nail thing? Texting thumbs or other fingers?


  1. I like this one a lottt. Subtle!

  2. Having seen this very hand in person, I'm gonna say this is one of my favorites!

  3. I'm a huge fan of accent nails, I tend to do the ring finger as the accent.

    This is a really cute mani!

  4. Pretty:)

    I wera Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz right now and on ring fingers I have NfuOh 42 accent :D

  5. Love it!
    This is the reason why I got all OPI glitters. I really liked the idea of the glitter accent nail as well. :-)

  6. I love the colors! I've been looking for a good gold for the holidays. And I like the accent nails!

  7. I like accent nails, they spice up the whole thing

  8. Very nice combo. I have Glitzerland but haven't tried it on myself yet, only on my mother in law and friends. What a shame for the shrinkage...I'm so fed up with S├Ęche Vite because of that. Do you have any suggestions for another topcoat?

  9. your nails look great. How do make your manicure last?

  10. your nails look great. How do make your manicure last?


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