Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween nails and Zoya Cheryl

Way back when I got the China Glaze Halloween collection, I tried them all on like this (one on each finger), but since it was only September, it was too early to wear my Halloween nails. So I was really looking forward redoing this but with ALL my fingers! For some reason, I really love how this collection looks together, as a "skittles"-style manicure.

China Glaze Awakening Collection

Anyway, after Halloween, I was really wanting a nice brown fall color, and I couldn't wait to try Zoya Cheryl from my latest Zoya order. It's a gorgeous brown color with copper glass fleck shimmer. I was a little disappointed though because I was expecting it to have much more sparkle to it.

Zoya Cheryl

I did use Zoya's Anchor and Armor for base and top coat since I hear that Zoya polishes do not last as long with others, but Armor didn't give me the awesome shiny look that Seche Vite does, so I ended up putting that on top of the Armor. But then, of course, it caused some shrinkage (you can see it at the tips in the picture).

What do you think of Halloween nails? What are your favorite designs and colors? Do you like Zoya Cheryl?

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  1. Zoya Cheryl is beautiful! Do you have Zoya Kalista? Are they close?


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