Saturday, October 29, 2011

OPI The Show Must Go On and Orly Rock It Swatches

Today I have a couple of pink/red/orange duochromes for you. I like these for fall, but they seem like they'd be fitting for summer as well. I put Orly Rock It on today and it reminded me I had pics of OPI The Show Must Go On to post as well. Both of these seem to have lots of pink/red/orange duochrome foil flecks in them but with different base colors.

The first up is OPI The Show Must Go On.

OPI - The Show Must Go On

The duochrome in this one is quite strong and beautiful. While I'm not much a pink fan, I very much enjoy this one.

Next is Orly Rock It from their current fall collection:

Orly - Rock It

The duochrome in this is much less pronounced and (unfortunately) is a lot harder to catch. I love the orange end of the spectrum in this one, but it can only be seen at certain angles. Nevertheless, it is still gorgeous. A beautiful rich dark magenta that turns crimson and a kind of burnt orange.

I know sometimes (a lot of times?) I forget to comment on application. Honestly, it's probably because I don't much care how hard it is to put on. If I love a color enough, I'll go through hell and back to have it on my nails. I'll try to include the number of coats and a little comment on application if I remember from now on though. These were both two coats and had very easy, smooth application. Removal is a slight pain just because of all the sparkly particles.


  1. If I might give you a tip on remembering how many coats you've used: as soon as I put the pictures on my harddrive I rename it to the polish name and the number of coats used :).

    Both polishes are stunning but I only own OPI TSMGO. Have worn it a few times already <3!

  2. Thank you so much for the comparison, I thought the two might be similar. Orly Rock It also looks like it'd be close to MAC Bad Fairy, hmm.

  3. Oooh, the OPI polish is lovely! I had no idea TSMGO was a duochrome. ^_^

  4. o da OPI me lembrou o Berried in Gifts da mesma marca :D que alias é lindo! HAHA
    adorei os dois ^^


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