Friday, October 7, 2011

First Snow! (Orly Pixie Dust and Nubar White Polka Dot)

I can't believe it! It actually was SNOWING here in Pine, AZ on October 7th! Only briefly, and it didn't stick, but still... FIRST SNOW OF THE SEASON! I had on Orly Pixie Dust because it was rainy and stormy, so I just added a coat each of Confetti Tiara and Nubar White Polka Dot over it. Check out my snow nails - I love them!!

Orly Pixie Dust w/ Confetti Tiara and Nubar White Polka Dot

I've seen a few swatches of Nubar White Polka Dot (which, by the way, is the same formula as the Painted Nail Moon drops) over dark colors, and it looks awesome. But I'm really in love with it over a stormy grey! It has the most beautiful pearly, silvery white glitter hexagons as well as smaller while pearl and iridescent glitters. Honestly, one of my favorite glitters that I own (and I have a LOT).

And for good measure, here is Orly Pixie Dust by itself:


  1. It snowed where I live yesterday! It's crazy! This is a great looking combo!

  2. I want snow! *sigh* It's been 70 degrees in the south! This is sooo pretty. I already love Pixie Dust, the Nubar is just the icing on the cake. The snow on the ground, haha! (very, very bad.)

  3. How is it that I've never heard of Orly Pixie Dust until now? It looks beautiful, it just might squash my lemming for Illamasqua Raindrops. On the wishlist it goes.

  4. My brother who lives in Denver said that they have snow predicted for tonight. I would wear this look any day, though. But I also like snow. :)

  5. Oh wow! Can't believe it snowed there. It's been in the 80s here in Illinois. Weird! Haha, and I love the mani. So pretty. :)

  6. Am so jealious! I just lve snow but live in Virginia! Am in the wrong place aren't I? I love this mani- so pretty. Your blog design is great! Am a new follower!

  7. That looks so pretty! Hopefully the snow will stay away for looong here.. Maybe some on Christmas <3!

  8. Soooooooooo pretty!!! I want White Polka Dot so bad! It's amazing! LOVE this look! :D


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