Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Orly Wild Wisteria Swatch

I put Orly Wild Wisteria on so I could try my new Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal over it(most awesome duochrome EVER, by the way... pics soon!), but once I put it on that one finger, I just had to put it on the rest. This, to me, seems like a winter color, though it was released in their spring collection. It's also a dupe for OPI's Sapphire in the Snow.

Orly Wild Wisteria

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?? I love this dark blue/purple super-shiny creme. It only took two coats (barely even needs the second coat) and applied very smoothly and evenly. I suppose it can sometimes have that "almost-black" look to it, but only in really low lighting.

I'm thinking of stamping some snowflakes on this one to make it a little more festive... what do you think?


  1. This is gorgeous ... I want it! I'd say definitely stamp the snowflakes: I have China Glaze Little Drummer Boy on right now (black on ring fingers) with two snowflakes on each nail, one in CG Millennium and one in Konad SP White - love it! I'm thinking of putting CND Silver Sparkling Effect over it too. I'm disappointed in LDB though: although it was a beautiful-to-apply one-coater, it just looks black :(

  2. It's gorgeous! I love the colour on its own, but the white contrast might be great, too. :D

  3. I love this color but I wonder if I got an old bottle because I had a really really hard time applying this. It seemed runny but thick (strange explanation, I know) and would drag funny on my nail...hmm...


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