Saturday, December 4, 2010

Black French Mani

Today's manicure is inspired by Chloe from Chloe's Nails. She does some amazing designs using scotch tape, including awesome French mani's. It looked simple enough, but I'd never had much luck with tape before. She provides some great tips on how to use tape to create lines and shapes in a manicure. This one came out ok, but I'm sure it just takes some practice!

I used 10 in Pinky Promise (415) (can be found at CVS) with Wet'n'Wild Black Creme (most opaque black creme EVER!). Isn't it awesome?! I'm dying to try her patchwork mani next! I want to try a holiday one, but don't know which colors to use... I'm thinking green and chrome gold and something else... maybe gold glitter?
Do you like French manicures that utilize different colors? Have you ever used Scotch tape for nicely defined lines?


  1. That's so chic and pretty! You did a fantastic job. I haven't read Chloe's blog, and I'm heading over there to do so right now.

  2. I LOVE this! So perfect. I will definitely be trying it soon!

  3. This is great! It such a beautiful, classy manicure!


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