Monday, December 27, 2010

Avon Mirror Shine - Glisten Swatches and Review

My awesome grandma knows how much I love nail polish and got me this beauty along with another Avon polish (Electric Purple - I'll probably swatch it later). This is part of their Mirror Shine line, which seems a lot like the China Glaze Khrome collection. This is Glisten, a beautiful sky-blue (slightly teal) that has a bright chrome finish. It really only needs one coat, but I did two here to try and make it perfectly smooth.

Avon Mirror Shine Glisten

The only issue with this one (and probably every other chrome) is that it shows any little speck of dust or dirt or fuzz. As long as you use a ridge filling basecoat and make sure your nails are nice and clean, it shouldn't be a problem. Also, brushstrokes are very minimal (yay!).

My sister got the purple one which is also awesome, and hopefully I can borrow it from her someday to swatch it as well.

I love this one so much - it looks SO cool on! Thank you, Ama!!


  1. I love this shade! I haven't seen many blue chromes before.
    I really want some now cuz I bet they'd be really good for konadding :)


  2. This is the best chrome finish nail polish that I've seen. It really looks good on your nails =)

  3. very pretty color and i like the name!

  4. I still have 3 colors (red, silver, and blue) from 2002.


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