Sunday, March 11, 2012

OPI - Crown Me Already! Swatch and Review

Just like I have polishes where I wonder WHY I bought it in the first place, I also have ones where I can't figure out why I DIDN'T buy it immediately.

This is one of them. I passed it up in the store many times only to buy it on ebay about a week ago because I couldn't stand it any longer.

OPI - Crown Me Already

Crown Me Already is a mix of super shiny silver micro glitter and all different sizes of hex glitter. The biggest hexes are probably about 2mm wide and they look like tiny little mirrors or coins amongst the micro glitter. It is truly eye-catching and bling-tastic, and I love it. I have a coat of Gelous and Seche Vite over it and it's not completely smooth, but you can't really tell because of how extremely reflective the silver is. I'm so glad I got this one, and now I wish so badly that OPI would make a nice, rich gold version of this! The formula was great as well; it's opaque at two coats and not lumpy or thick at all. It's also not one of those where you have to "place" the glitter to make it look nice.

This one made me realize just how much I appreciate almost every brand of nail polish because each one has it's own "gems" that are particularly wonderful. I'm not at all an OPI fan girl (I can't stand all of the "Suzi" names... and I actually don't like the name of this one much, haha), but every once in a while they bring out a beautiful doozy of a polish that really wows me.

I was only able to find this one on ebay (at a reasonable, typical OPI price - $8 with free shipping), but it may be available at other online retailers as well.

Another quick question. Which do you prefer: pics with the bottle or without? I've automatically done them with the bottle because that's what a lot of bloggers do, but think I like how I can "pose" my hand a little better without it. Thoughts?


  1. Gaw-geous! If it were in gold, I'd be all over that! The silver is beautiful though.

  2. I love this! I need to get it! I like pictures without the bottle so that I can pose my hand. Do what you like best!

  3. beautiful! just beautiful!

  4. I did the same thing! I picked this bottle up in the store so many times, debating and always putting it back. One of my friends bought this and wore it and I needed it and ordered from ebay but I love it!

  5. beautiful! oh and with the bottle!

  6. I (almost) always include the bottle in my pictures somewhere, although I don't necessarily hold it.

  7. Stunning!!
    I agree with Kaki @ Glitter Obsession, if it were in gold I'd be pretty excited!(;

  8. This is the most amazing and blingy glitter there is.
    I prefer to at least get to see the bottle at some point, not necessarily in your hand though. :)

  9. this is one is one of my fav glitters... I like to do both with bottle and without, but mainly without bc it is easier to pose your hand :-P I love your pics either way

  10. Great color, I'm not a big glitter girl but I might have to find this one.

  11. Oh, and I like the way you posed your hand in this picture. Sometimes a picture without the bottle can look awkward and unnatural, but not the way you did it.

  12. I like seeing the bottle because it sometimes looks very different on the nail but you should post pics of what you think looks best - maybe a pic of bottle and then another of lovely posed hand :)

  13. Hey, it's me, your fellow-in-search-of-the-perfect-gold-glitter-but-will-settle-for-WEW-Anon-commenter:
    Girl, you had me all strung out and super bummed out this past week when you didn't post for days! I was like a crack junkie going cold turkey! DEVASTATED!!!!!!!!!

    No really, D E V A S T A T E D!!! Every time I'd click on my favorites (.i.e. YOUR BLOG) it was the same post "from outer SPAAAACE") and while that was a nice post, you know I need my daily dose of Goose or I go goonies! :( That said, I am SO HAPPY you are back and I love the way you post sans bottle, me likey lots! Do what makes you most comfortable, I think you've garnered the respect and trust of your readership to know that we know that you are not trying to fool us.

    That said, I went and purchased WEW as well as The Full Monty as well as their Base coat and PD Quick dry top coat -- and while I do love them all, I have to say Butter chips super quick. Like within a DAY quick and that's with me being super careful NOT to do dishes by hand and NOT to shampoo my hair as usual . . . am I doing something wrong? What do you use to make your WEW last as glittery long as you do (or do you not?) Oh and to add to that my nails are brittle, weak and peel easily . . . alas . . .

    THat said, regardless of whether you can answer me or not, no worries, your blog rules my blogdom and I am so glad you posted more and I LOVE this new post! I, too, am not an OPI fan but you betcha I will try to get this color (sparkle heaven) if I can! If I knew your mailing address I'd send you goodies! Seriously!

    Your gold glitter anon-commenter!

    1. Hahaha, you crack me up! I love your anonymous comments :o)

      Sorry I deprived you for a bit. With a broken, gimpy middle nail on my "swatch hand," I haven't wanted to post any new swatches. I finally gave in and put up a pic of my right hand, even though it has a big ugly writer's bump on my middle finger... *sigh* And I like the sans-bottle pics too. I think I may post one pic of my holding the bottle then one of just a posed hand from now on... what do you think?

      As far as making butter LONDON last, I'm honestly not sure how long it lasted on me. MOST glitters only last 2-3 days on me before they start peeling off (actually, before you pick up Crown Me Already you may want to know it only lasted two days before chipping and peeling off - but to me it was worth it). I don't remember having a particular problem with WEW, though. I normally use Orly Bonder as a base coat then a coat of Gelous and Seche Vite on top of the glitter. Since I do my nails almost every other day anyway it doesn't really bug me when they don't last long... Sorry I can't be of more help :o/

      And I'll give you my mailing address - I love doing swaps and such and getting nail mail! But you have to email me so I don't have to post it here for everyone in the world to stalk me, lol!

  14. I like to see the bottle, since as Eleobel says, there's sometimes a difference in how it looks and seeing the bottle helps when I shop. Not that I should be doing so much shopping, so maybe without the bottle is better. :)

  15. I've been doing just that with this color-- pick it up, put it back.
    And for those who want it in gold, China Glaze Blonde Bombshell seems rather like it's light, yellow-gold sister.

  16. As for 'hand posing' with out without the bottle, I think the photos on this site are truly lovely: =)

  17. I love your poses without the bottle! You do a great job. For me, I feel like my hand seems to look wrinkly sometimes so I like to take pics with an object to cover up distracting wrinkles that seems to be exaggerated when I try to pose without a bottle or something in my hand. I LOVE the OPI Crown Me Already! Awesome


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