Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dollish Polish - Expecto Patronum: Swatches and Review

I just can't get enough of these indie polishes... especially the pastel/white jelly bases with glitter! (I'm currently on a mission to get NailVenturous Robin Laid an Egg!)

Dollish Polish - Expecto Patronum

Like Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker, this is a nice squishy white jelly that is opaque in 2-3 easy coats (3 shown). There is a mix of small and medium teal holo glitter, as well as some larger teal hex glitters, and subtle orange flakies. The flakies don't show well in the picture, but then again they don't show too much in person either - just a flash of orange every once in awhile. I love how some of the glitter from the first coat(s) get buried underneath the white jelly to give it different shades of teal and some depth.

The only quirk with this polish that I've found is that the large hexes are not flat... instead they are very chunky and ruin the smoothness of the polish. I think Dollish was having a problem with some glitter in another of her polishes, Hip Hop Hippity Hop, and this one seems to have the same issue. I think she was working on resolving the glitter issue in Hip Hop, so I imagine Expecto Patronum will be fixed as well. For now, I just don't shake the bottle and let the big hexes fall to the bottom so I don't get any on the brush. The other glitter and flakies still seem to suspend nicely.

Here is a picture of the cute mini bottle. These bottles are pretty tiny, but it's great to be able to sample lots of polishes for less! I love Expecto Patronum so much that I'm looking to buy a full sized bottle once the glitter is fixed!

Expecto Patronum is available on the Dollish Polish Etsy shop, but business has been booming so much that she's been opening and closing the shop to be able to keep up with orders. Sign up to be notified when she reopens if you're hoping to get this beauty!


  1. This is so pretty!!! I love it! :D

  2. I love this one sooooo much :) Great pics!

  3. I think it's beautiful but doesn't remind me much of a Patronus :) x

  4. I got this because Im a disgustingly huge Harry Potter fan and I love it! Looks good!- My sister picked up some minis from Dollish and your right- Very Small!
    -K from

  5. This is gorgeous, it really does remind me of the colour the patronus spell emits!

  6. I just ordered this. Do you know if the glitter flaw is in this batch, or one from the past? When did you get yours?


    1. I'm not sure on the glitter situation at the moment. I ordered mine a few weeks ago, so it could be she's got it all worked out by now. If not, I recommend just letting the big hexes sink to the bottom - I think it's just as pretty without them :o)

  7. Oh, I love how this looks! I was already really fond of how Jawbreaker looks, this is yet another pretty from the same store. I like that the polish looks rather opaque on its own and it doesn't need to be layered over something else.

  8. I want this formulation too! I have the older one and its fully opaque at two coats. Both look amazing! I guess I could just layer a thin coat over Bettina Clouds to achieve this look though :) Love this swatch!


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