Monday, January 9, 2012

Jessica Cosmetics Peacock Queen Collection (Chanel dupes!)

Jessica Iridescent Eye

Chanel Peridot (index and ring) and Jessica Iridescent Eye (middle and pinky)

I had been starting to panic just a little recently because I was wondering if anybody really WOULD be duping Chanel Peridot, and I hadn't gotten a backup bottle (I'm reluctant to buy ONE bottle of $25 nail polish, but Peridot was just so special to me...). So when I saw this comparison over on Body and Soul, I was SO thrilled, hopped right on the Jessica Cosmetics site and ordered them all!

I would pretty much call Iridescent Eye a dupe for Peridot. If I didn't KNOW I had two different polishes on, then I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Sometimes in particular light I think that Peridot might be the tiniest bit more vibrant than Iridescent Eye, but then I think it might be my eyes playing tricks on me or my mind trying to justify the $25 for Peridot, haha. Either way, if there IS any difference, it's NOT worth the $17.50 difference (AND the fact that the Chanel bottle contains less volume). I'm SOOOO happy to have my Peridot backup!! Here's another pic to remind you of the awesome color shift in this one:

Next up is Smoky Feather:

Jessica Smoky Feather

Chanel Graphite (index and ring) and Jessica Smoky Feather (middle and pinky)

Now this one I see a tiny bit more difference. To me, Graphite seems a little bit more sparkly or mirror-like, while the foil effect on Smoky Feather seems just the tiniest bit dulled. Not TOO noticeable, but I would probably be able to tell which was which pretty easily on a "blind" test. Still, is it worth the $17.50 difference? I don't really think so.

Jessica Bronze Tailed

Last up is Bronze Tailed. I don't have Chanel Quartz to compare it to because I was never even remotely interested in it from the swatches I saw. Now I've sort of changed my mind, and I'm REALLY happy I ended up ordering Bronze Tailed. Let's get this straight first: I HATE frosty finishes, but I LOVE pearl finishes (provided the brushstrokes aren't horrendous), and there is a fine line between the two. I would call this a pearl finish, and in my opinion, it's gorgeous if you can keep the brushstrokes to a minimum. I'm not sure why I didn't like any swatches I saw of it - maybe I thought it was more of a pink-brown? I dunno, but it reminds me of another favorite of mine that I should re-swatch: Misbehaving Mistress.

These all had nice formula, covering in two thin coats, although they seemed to be a bit more thick that their Chanel counterparts.

All three of these can be purchased on Jessica Cosmetics' site here, and I'm not sure if they are limited edition.

Did you get any of the Chanel Fall 2011 Collection? Will you be picking these up instead?


  1. They are all so close I would never know the difference! They look awesome :)

  2. I have all those Chanels (though for some reason I haven't used Peridot yet)--looks like Jessica did a great job duping them! I might buy the dupes and swap my Chanels. :)

  3. Great comparisons! Since I already own PĂ©ridot and they others don't interest me that much it saves lots of money, but if I had easy access to Jessica I'd buy these stat!

  4. Great dupes!! Thanks for sharing ;0).

  5. Awesomeness!!!!!!!!!! I need that Peacock Queen...

  6. Wow, so great!
    I wish they had a dupe for Black Pearl though...
    Do You know of any dupe for that one?

  7. Wow!! Those look exactly the same to me! Amazing! :D Thank you for sharing this find. ^-^

  8. They are identical! *_* Well, that's definetly a good alternative to Chanel polishes!

  9. the more I see Chanel Peridot the more I want it, but not enough to actually buy it. But with these swatches, I think I'm going to buy these colors! Gorgeous. Thanks for the heads up and comparisons.

  10. O.M.G... Thank you for this! I own Peridot but I've been lusting after Graphite for ages. Smokey Feather is going to squash my lemming for the Chanel polish!

    Definitely getting my hands on that one this weekend. :-D

  11. Ah Goose! I just love your nails! So pretty! I have never tried Jessica before. Think I may need to do that! Mi did not like any of the recent Chanel and refused to pay the higher price for the denim collection! Glad I now,see dupes for these and for the ones you show here!

  12. Hello! I never comment on blogs, but I just discovered your blog via "polishorperish" which I discovered through a friend's serendipitous image-clicking -- and my jaw literally fell open as I read this post. WOW! I recently got Q.R.S. (Quirius) brand's "Creekskill Eve" and thought it was a nice dupe for Peridot which I have been fiending for. Your Jessica example is astounding and I wanted to say, "thank you for sharing!" I also -- recently wanted to share with fellow Chanel fanatics (though I can't afford it) that I was at the Chanel counter and they were kind enough to let me polish my nails with "Rose Cache" (not a particularly popular color, but there was a reason why I was choosing RC). I had on my nails in alternating fingers Revlons "Endless Possibilities" which I had gotten for $1 from a Big Lots store. There is the slightest difference which is barely discernible between Chanel's Rose Cache and Revlon's Endless Possibilities (though, admittedly, one must use a base coat for Revlon to prevent streaking). Just wanted to share that with you and thank you. Excited to know that there are accessible-in-reality-dupes for three of my favorite Chanel shades. Merci Beaucoup!


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