Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HITS No Olimpo - Hermes

This is the only HITS No Olimpo polish I've tried so far. I've been looking for the perfect gold holo, but still don't feel like I've found one.

HITS - Hermes

These pictures show three coats, but in my opinion, it was prettier at two. When I added the third coat it became more grey/green-ish instead of the warm light gold it was at two coats. It still looks neat, and I like the finish it has. It hovers between a metallic and a pearl finish, with a subtle, linear holo effect. Here is what it looks like in indirect sunlight. You can see that the holo is very subdued. This is very much a work appropriate color, and it does look quite elegant.

For some reason I haven't been feeling the need to get the HITS No Olimpo collection. Maybe it's because I have a bunch of Spectraflair that I should probably use to create my own new colors (including my perfect gold)?

EDIT: I forgot to add that I got my HITS No Olimpo from Llarowe. They're a little pricey at $10 for 6mL (normal bottle of polish is 15mL), and they're in and out of stock a lot, so you just have to get them whenever you find them available.


  1. This color definitely rocks my socks.

  2. I love all the No Olimpo polishes.
    You know how I found perfect gold holographic polish? I took my favourite golden polish and put one coat of Hefesto on it. By the way, I literally put Hefesto over every polish, I'm like addicted to it :D

    1. I keep wanting to get Hefesto and it's always sold out :o/ But I do have a Spectraflair topcoat I put on stuff. I tried it over a gold and it just doesn't look spectacular. I want one that as blingy as silver but in gold, dangit! Lol.

  3. Nice, but agreed, not like your gelish-post from a few days ago. Miss your old blog format - had to do a "crap, did I just click on someone else's blog?"-double take, but this is nice, too :) you know how you just get used to someone's blog or a restaurant being a certain way or a nail polish being a certain way, and then whabam! They change it up on you? Yeah, kinda like that. :) Where did you get your HITS from? Also, can you think about doing a "these are my favorites (so far)" post, or possibly a "holy grail" post about best remover, files, etc. or "these are the best quality polishes overall" post which includes drugstore brand and fancy dept. store brands? Or even a "this is how I do my nails" youtube video on your blog? Your nails always LOOK fabulous and many civilians don't go get mani-pedis so a tutorial would be super awesome.
    Sorry so wordy . . . and just after I commented about how I never comment - LOL! Thanks and really, REALLY, LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!

    1. Awwww, thank you so much again! Making me blush! :o)

      I needed a change of scenery on my blog (I REALLY wanted a light background instead) and at first I thought of just changing it little by little, but eventually it snowballed into... THIS, hahaha! I actually love it, but it's taking a little bit of getting used to.

      Oh shoot, I forgot to put where I got this. I've been trying to put it on every post but (obviously) I forget sometimes.

      And YES, I totally want to do a "My favorites of all time" post and have been putting it together in my head for months. It'll have to be a huge swatch-fest though, so I'll need a lot of time to devote to it.

      As far as how I do my nails... I got my techniques from other bloggers' tutorials, but you're right, I should at least compile them into easily accessible links or something. Hopefully I'll put that in soon, too!

      Thanks again for your wonderful comments and suggestions!!

  4. I actually got my HITS thru a swap with a Brazilian blogger. I actually really love this collection. I just love holos. I bought spectraflair and just can't get the proportions correct for a nice top coat. so I have given up!

  5. This looks really pretty on you!


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