Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nubar Reclaim

I just ordered some Nubar polishes off ebay (retail price but FREE SHIPPPING!), and Reclaim is one that I've wanted for a long time but somehow just forgot to get it in my last order. When I got it and tried it on a swatch wheel, I felt a little disappointed.

But then I tried it on and I am in love. What an awesome green! Chief says it looks like a "creepy, slimy Halloween type of green" which I am totally ok with (Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday)!

Nubar - Reclaim (sun)

Nubar - Reclaim (shade)

I know it's been seen a lot, but it's new to me and instantly became one of my favorites! The holo is very linear and kind of subtle in normal lighting (more prominent than in the picture), but it gives it a very 3D appearance. Very cool!!


  1. Oooh I have it on the way to me, can't wait. Seeing your beautiful pictures makes me want it even more! :)

  2. Oh I love this polish! I'm green with envy :)

  3. This is really beautiful! I don't know why I haven't snatched it up.

  4. One of my favourites ever!! Gotta love Nubar greens. :)

  5. Your nail shape is perfection (and so is Reclaim)


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