Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some fun Valentine's Day colors from Del Sol

Let me start by saying that I'm a BIG fan of Del Sol polishes, and it's probably because there is SO much sun in Arizona. Since many of the polishes change to a pink, red, or maroon in the sun, they make great Valentine's Day colors.

The first one up is Heartbreaker. It's a pretty red glitter indoors - more cool, berry-toned than China Glaze Ruby Pumps (which I actually do not own... can you believe it?! Probably 500+ polishes and I don't even have this cult favorite). In the sun, the color really deepens to a dark berry maroon or burgundy. I would almost call it a dark red grape, but it's not QUITE that purple. Either way it's stunning!

Del Sol - Heartbreaker (shade)

Del Sol - Heartbreaker (sun)

The next one is called Girls Night Out. It starts out as a rosy bright pink with gold shimmer. In the sun it gets very purple, but keeps the gold shimmer.

Del Sol - Girls Night Out (shade)

Del Sol - Girls Night Out (sun)

Next is Pretty in Pink. Indoors it's a white base with HEAVY pink flash. The pink flash really dominates this one, and makes it appear like a pearly cool-toned baby pink. This is three coats, and there is still VNL, but I don't really mind it. Outside it all turns to a soft mid-toned pink. VERY girly!

Del Sol - Pretty in Pink (shade)

Del Sol - Pretty in Pink (sun)

Last but not least, is Secret Crush. It's not really a traditional Valentine's Day polish, but it's my favorite Del Sol polish, so I had to include it. It's such a pretty soft orange coral with a strong blue pearl to it (yes, up close and in the pictures you can see brushstrokes, but I assure you they are not at all noticeable in person - doing three thin coats instead of two thick coats keeps the brushstrokes at bay). Then outside... WOW. It changes to a dusty purple base with that same electric blue pearl, and it's absolutely amazing. I love how much the color changes in this one, and I just adore both "versions" (inside and outside).

Del Sol - Secret Crush (shade)

Del Sol - Secret Crush (sun)

Like I said, I just LOVE Del Sol polishes, but I do have one thing to say about them...

I've heard rumors of "bottles that didn't change color much." I think that this is actually due to the sun available, not the formulation itself. In Arizona, these are wonderful - they change almost instantly and very drastically. However, if you live in a place that's mostly cloudy, you may see little to no change whatsoever. Another thing to note is that if you use any sort of sunscreen (even putting moisturizer with SPF 15 in it on your face using your fingers), there will be NO color change at all. The polishes rely on the UV rays from the sun to change the color, so be sure to try them on days with a high UV index for maximum change.

Also, what do you think of the new larger picture size?


  1. WOW; these are all really beautiful. Secret crush is really awesome and Heartbreaker too. I'm really thankful you sent Del Sol polishes to me =). I did put a bottle of polish outside, because it was really sunny outside lately, and they changed instantly, but I tried to trick the polish with hot water and they knew that this isn't sun =)

    I love the new larger pictures, because I can see the polishes in their whole glory =)

  2. Thanks for these awesome pictures! I love seeing Del Sol swatches, the color change process fascinates me. I only wish they were sold in my area!

  3. that polish is really interesting and i've yet to own one. sad, it's not available here. i love mood polish from claire's and i would love to have that too. i like heartbreaker and girls night out. it's really cute!

  4. I LOVE these polishes. I picked one up in a questionable Walgreens in Las Vegas. And I will say, the color change in Las Vegas compared to back home in Michigan was noticeable. Much better color in LV.

  5. I don't own any Del Sols but man I wish I did! Especially Petty In Pink and Secret Crush! And your pics are stunning :)

  6. Heartbreaker looks tunning!!And love your shape nails!!

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  8. Oo, I love Heartbreaker. May have to go get it. And I actually just had to buy myself a new bottle of Ruby Pumps yesterday...

  9. Very cool! I used to have some nail polish that changed colour in the sun from Solar FX. :)

  10. I loved!!! You have good taste, congratulations.
    Look at my blog, will be an honor to have her as a follower!!


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