Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CoverGirl Midnight Forest - Chanel Black Pearl dupe?

I decided to check out my local Dollar Tree yesterday, and happened to find some cool Cover Girl Nail Slicks duos for $1 each. One of them contained this beauty, which I think looks an AWFUL lot like Chanel Black Pearl.

Cover Girl - Midnight Forest

I don't like spending $25 on polishes (I only made one exception for Paradoxal because I found it unique and beautiful enough to justify the price), so I don't have Black Pearl to compare it to. I was using Michelle's photo here on All Lacquered Up for comparison purposes, and I think they are very close!

Another thing to note is that this is NOT big 3 free. It contains Dibutyl Phthalate.


  1. Why does my dollar tree suck? I want this naoooo :(

  2. Well why don't we have dollar trees in France? At least I could complain that they suck, like Rachel Marie above me, but they don't, because they don't even exist ^^

    This colour may be a little too green to be a perfect Black Pearl dupe, but I love it! <3

  3. Very pretty! I agree with Lolaa that it seems a bit too green to match Black Pearl, but I too love it. My DTs have been quite sucky for months now, so I doubt I'll see this one unless I look for a swap.

  4. Yeah, in this picture it definitely does (like ALU's), but in normal daylight it looks much less green and much more charcoal (although I think you guys are right that it's still slightly greener than Black Pearl)

  5. This is soo pretty.. I will just turn a blind eye to non-big3-freeness. ;)

  6. This is definitely greener than Black Pearl, but is gorgeous anyway!


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