Wednesday, December 14, 2011

KKcenterHK Foil Nail Decals Review

After trying out their French tip water decals, KKcenterHK sent me a couple more of their nail decals to review. These here are some of their foil decals:

I liked this design because it looked very "holiday" to me. It even kinda looks Dr. Seuss-ish - like wrapping paper you'd see in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I'm not sure why it's listed under "flags," but it is. Here is the link to the product itself: M032

These applied like most other nail patches, except with these I had a bit of trouble with wrinkling. For the most part they look nice, and it's only up very close that you can even see the wrinkles. The photos show the gold parts as being a bit lime green, and they do show that color at some angles, but for the most part, the "ribbons" just look like a soft gold.

So here's the deal: they went on perfectly on some fingers (like my ring and pinky) and not so well on the others.  The difference is that my ring and pinky are "flatter" from cuticle to tip, like this:

My other fingers (middle, pointer, and thumb) are all more curved and that caused the foils to wrinkle up a bit.  See the curve?

The bottom line is, if your nails are nice and straight from cuticle to tip, then these will probably work very well for you.  However, if your nails are curved like some of mine are, then they'll most likely end up with a few little wrinkles on each nail.

That said, if you can handle the wrinkles, these would be pretty awesome for a Christmas party or a night out.  The package claims 11 days of wear (I don't know if I believe that, because the wrinkles keep them from sticking down tightly), but I don't know if I could handle them for everyday wear anyway.  The thing that bothered me the most was the feel of the tips when I put my hands in my pocket - it was kind of a weird scratchy feeling. 

Also a note:  Once I realized they were wrinkling, I tried using heat from a hair dryer to make them a little more elastic, and it seemed to help if I held the heat on right after applying it, before pushing all the edges down.  But it didn't help entirely.

Overall, I think these are pretty cool, but only really for a special occasion, not for everyday wear.  For pretty designs on my nails all the time, I'll go for Incoco or Sally Hansen Salon Effects (I have GREAT success with the 100% nail polish strips).

If you want to try these or any other nail decals, they can be found at KKcenterHK's website.

(These were sent to me for review.)


  1. This is a great review, I had the same problem with the ones sold at Sally (Trendy Naiwraps) maybe my nails were to curved or the material was not strechy enough, I couldn't tell.

  2. These are cute! I haven't tried any nail wraps yet, this makes me want to give them a try!

  3. now that explains why I got lots of wrinkles on my nails.. T_T
    maybe nail foils just aren't my thing T_T
    thanks for sharing this!!

  4. It's gorgeous, elegant and festive!

  5. Goose I love the mirror/chrome nails I'm a guy that loves and wears platinum
    polishes and need to try foils they are hot,...
    Thanks Ben
    PS; Doing my nails now for work, love love love


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