Thursday, December 1, 2011

The 12 Days of Christmas Nails: Day 1 - Christmas Tree Nails

I'm borrowing an idea from Sammy over at The Nailasaurus called "The 12 Days of Christmas Nails" (hopefully she doesn't mind, but I just love it)! The idea is to create 12 different holiday themed manicures between now and Christmas. Since there are 24 days left 'til Christmas, that's about one manicure every other day, which seems pretty reasonable to me!

So here it is! Day 1: Christmas Tree Nails!

Christmas Tree V2.0 - China Glaze Emerald Sparkle and Milani Gems

I actually did a Christmas tree-inspired manicure a year ago (almost to the date!) which you can check out here. I loved that one, but this time I wanted more of a "shiny ornaments" look. I used China Glaze Emerald Sparkle as a base (2 coats), and put one coat of Milani Gems over it. This bottle of Gems has the purple glitter in it (I will actually have a comparison post tomorrow for you on the Milani Jewel FX polishes).

You know what I think would make this even better?  A layer of Zoya Rina to look like pine needles!  Unfortunately, my Rina is at my parents' house right now, so I didn't have it for this.  I DO plan on doing a "snow and pine needles" look with it once I get it back though!


  1. Love it! Of course I don't mind you joining in :D
    They really do look like a decorated Christmas tree! xx

  2. Yay! I loved your design for today, so I'm thinking of doing a silver foil with blue glitter sponged on for my next one <3

  3. That's a pretty Christmas tree-ish mani! :)

  4. That will look amazing! I want to get white glitter so it looks like snow x

  5. This is a great Christmas tree mani!


  6. Looks very much like twinkle lights on a Christmas tree!

  7. lovely combo!
    full of luster, glitter, the face of Christmas :D
    good night =*

  8. Ohhhh this turned out great! I love the bokeh!

  9. This mani really reminds me of a Christmas tree, nice idea :D I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one who already looks forward to Christmas ;)

  10. you are freaking genius and this will def be my christmas mani! thanks!!

  11. Awesome. Might use this at Christmas time. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Great Christmas manicure! Any idea where I could buy Chine Glaze Emerald sparkle online?


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