Sunday, December 11, 2011

The 12 Days of Christmas Nails: Day 3 - Spice Drops

This was a manicure I had in mind since Mrs. Claus and Mistletoe Kisses came out last year in China Glaze's holiday collection. I wanted them to look like various flavors of spice drops (you know, the ones you decorate gingerbread houses with?). So here they are!

Spice Drops - CND Sugar Sparkle over various bases

For the bases, I used CG Grape Juice, CG Mistletoe Kisses, CG Mrs. Claus, Ulta Sun-sational, and Revlon Powder Puff, then I topped each with two coats of CND Sugar Sparkle.  This is what I was going for:

I love these candies, but only the ones that are flavored like spices (not fruits).  If you haven't had them, you should try them!  Some of the flavors are anise (purple), spearmint (green), peppermint (white), and cinnamon (red).  I can't remember what the orange and yellow ones are...  ginger might be one?

Do you have any favorite Christmas candies?


  1. I love how this came out! I love Spice Drops, but only the fruit flavored ones >.< I also love Peppermint Bark, it's so yummy!

  2. OMG! I love spice drops! My favorites are the purple (anise) and orange (clove) ones. My husband always picks them up for me as a little treat, I keep them on my homework desk =) This mani is fantastic, looks exactly like spice drops!! Probably my favorite Christmas manicure I've seen thus far.

  3. Super cute! I love how sugar-y your nails ended up looking.

  4. nice, it does look like sugar on your nails :D

  5. *swoons* Beautiful mani! And now I am dying for some of those candies! I haven't had them since I was little. Mmmmmm! :D

  6. Oh, spice drops! Haven't had those since I was a kid. Brings back memories. And the nails are cute, too.


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