Friday, January 7, 2011

Trying out Transfer Foils

After seeing all of Enamel Girl's awesome foil manicures, I wanted to try some, too! So I made my $25 minimum order from Dollar Nail Art and incidentally wound up with SO MANY foils to try! I'd never tried foils before, and was worried that they'd look terrible. Actually, it's very easy and comes out looking pretty awesome.

One problem with foil is that is crinkles when you put on topcoat, but depending on the topcoat, it usually smooths out once it has dried. Here I tried just clear Orly polish on my ring finger, but it never ended up shiny again, instead it looked just cloudy. Then I tried Gelous on my pinky and it worked very well! It looked crinkled at first, but dried to a mirrored finish just like the foil. Then on my middle finger I tried Gelous with Seche Vite over the top. This combination seemed to leave a few more wrinkles, but it still looked pretty nice. My index finger I left with just the foil and it dulled down within MINUTES from everyday wear, and I'm sure the foil would not stay on for very long this way. It needs a topcoat, it's just a matter of finding the right one.

From far away, these are so mirrored, it's amazing, but up close they definitely have flaws. If you're one that can't stand a couple bubbles, or a speck of dust , then you may not be as happy with the foils, because they don't come out perfect. But I think it's about as close to Minx as you can get without paying horrendous prices!

Have you ever tried foils before? Do you like the chrome/mirror look?


  1. I love the look!
    I actually own couple of foils but I don't seem to be able to transfer it onto the nail.
    What kind of adhesive did you use?

  2. These look awesome! I never thought to try Gelous over them. I'll have to try that next time I use foils. Did you put it on in a thick coat or in a regular coat?

  3. Wow, this looks awesome. I love the chrome look of this foil=).
    I definitely have to try the foils out =).

  4. These look awesome. I'd love to try them but I hate the minimum at dollar nail art :(.

  5. @Gejba - I used the adhesive that Dollar Nail Art includes if you get a certain number of foils. It looks to me like watered down Elmer's glue, and it works great!

    @ABOP - I just did a normal coat of Gelous, but it goes on pretty thick naturally.

  6. they turned out great! i'll have to try gelous also :)

  7. I think MINX nail designs is brilliant, it is shiny and doesn't need drying time, just apply to your nails and shape it to fit your nails in enough, it can make your nails beautiful for a long time. Very good. like it so much!


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