Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Black Lace and Cafe Au Lait

First of all... I hit 100 followers last night!!! Thank you all SO much for encouraging me with your wonderful comments! Just to let you know, I read every single one (even on old posts).

I got this idea from Deniz's pseudo lace nails (who in turn got it from Beautopia's idea here). Unfortunately, I don't have Konad plate m71, so I had to make do with a rose design from plate m65. The lace net is from plate m57 and I used Wet'n'Wild Black Creme for the stamping.

I actually like how it turned out with the roses, but I just don't know how those girls got their lace to look so PERFECT!

I love the look of black lace manicures, but I'm not sure which "version" I like the most. The Sally Hansen Salon Effects one looked nearly perfect, except for that the base color was way too pale for my skin. It would have lasted for week and a half most likely, but I don't usually wear one mani for that long anyway. I've never tried a "real lace" manicure, but I have a feeling I wouldn't have much patience for the texture and lifting of the lace edges. I think this one may be my favorite because you can customize the lace to look how you want it - you could put any Konad flowers you want over the lace net or maybe do some lacy french tips.

The base I used was Cafe Au Lait from the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line. I think this is the closest polish to my skin color that I own, but it's still not perfect. It's a tad too peachy-pink on me. Although it doesn't show in the pictures, it matches the pads of my fingers, but the rest of my hand looks a bit more yellow-brownish (in a not so yucky-color way than it sounds). I have a feeling it would match perfectly to someone whose skin had a tad more pink in it. I just saw a swatch of Knotty from China Glaze Anchor's Away that makes me think it might be a wonderful nude color for me during the summer when I'm slightly tanned.

What is your favorite nude color? Do you have one that perfectly matches your skin? Have you ever tried real lace for a manicure?


  1. This is gorgeous. Admittedly, I don't usually wear mutes/nudes. Not really sure why, but perhaps I should make the effort to try! I did a real lace mani a few weeks ago...check the link :-) I'm also a lemming for that m57 plate too. Congrats on hitting the big 100!!


  2. LOVE it! I almost like that better than the tiny flowers everyone else has been using, I think it matches the scale of the fishnet better. I want to try this design, but I don't have a good background stamp (like the fishnet) to use.
    I've been using Wet n Wild Megalast in "Private Viewing" as a nude color, and it's a pretty good match but it's annoyingly sheer.

  3. That looks super cute! I want to do some black roses on my raspberry mani. :)

  4. Very pretty love it. Cafe au lait is really a pretty nude colour

  5. I don't have any nudes, I thing I'll have to buy one soon because it is really appropriate for lazy days =).

    This manicure is really beautiful,I think I'm gonna try something like that too, but I don't have any hopes that it will turn out that great.

    BTW, you have an award on my blog =)

  6. I just tagged you for a blog award! I hope you don't mind me posting it in your comments.

    It's the Stylish Blogger Award and you can see the rules here.


  7. Just found your blog and I love it :)

    This is very beautiful, much more so than the sally hansen nail sticker thingies!

  8. I would like to say, i very much dislike you now for showing me the Sally Hansen polish, you can't get it in the UK & the 1 ebay seller i found it from doesn't ship to the UK. I need this polish! life is unfair, i've been after a lovely nude shade like this for a long time!!


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