Sunday, August 5, 2012

Butter London - The Old Bill and Chanel - Delight: Review and Comparison

I love golden, coppery polish, especially for fall (I can't wait for fall nail polish season!).  Here are a couple awesome ones:

butter LONDON - The Old Bill

The Old Bill is a copper shimmer. It's not quite a metallic, not quite a foil. It almost comes across as a shiny nude color. Very nice at two easy coats.

Chanel - Delight

Delight, on me, looks like a shiny nude foil. It matches my skin tone wonderfully but isn't your typical "dull" nude (I actually happen to like nude polishes, but mostly when they have some pizzazz). It looks nice at both one and two coats, but it's hard to describe the difference.  Very elegant and eye catching!

Delight was actually a gift from one of my awesome readers.  Thank you so so SO much!

Here are a couple comparisons:

This one shows how similar The Old Bill and Delight are in terms of base color. Delight is a little lighter, but it could be just because of the intense foil shine.

These are all of the copper foils in my collection.  No dupes for delight.  Orly Rage is much more of a rose gold (pink toned) and a bit lighter, and Copper Penny is a more saturated orange-y copper.  I like Copper Penny on my toes, but I still prefer the nude foil look of Delight on my fingers.

The Old Bill can be purchased on butter LONDON's website, or at Ulta (and  Chanel Delight is available from the Chanel website.

(The Old Bill was provided for review.  Delight was gifted by a friend.)


  1. There's a Topshop polish (the name's escaping me argh) which is quite similar to these, maybe a little darker and it's GORGEOUS!

  2. Pretty! I like Delight a bit more than The Old Bill, because Old Bill seems to appears a bit streaky. It that so? Or is it just the picture?

    1. Old Bill actually isn't streaky in person, and the brushstrokes aren't really visible either. It's kind of a foil-leaning shimmer, so it doesn't have the problems that most metallic polishes do.

  3. I love Old Bill, it looks so pretty! I prefer that it's not overly foil-like. I have a small bottle of Rage - on me it doesn't look too rose gold, I think it leans more bronze but I still love it anyway.

  4. These are so gorgeous--I'm officially on the hunt for Delight now! ;)

  5. Oh, I'm loving Rage! Where is it from?

    1. Oh, it's Orly Rage! It's part of their core line now I think, so it should be easy to find.

  6. Wooh what a beautiful golden spread here. The Old Bill is nice because of its density. (really digging Butter these days). I too find the nudey gold of rage quite charming and Copper Penny I see does really fit the toes better with its darker copper tones.

  7. Ooh this really reminds me of Glitzerland! Absolutely love these shades, feel inspired! Also nice to see that you get hold of Butter London over the great pond...

    Love from England!


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