Thursday, July 5, 2012

Claire's Starstruck - Cosmic: Swatch and Review

I haven't gone to Claire's polish-hunting in awhile, so I was pretty excited when I found this pretty polish the other day.

Claire's Starstruck - Cosmic

Cosmic is a sparkly purple with what looks like micro glass flecks in violet and blue. I think it's a tad more purple (less blue) than the pictures show, but it's close.  It is part of the Starstruck line, which parallels the Color Club Take Wing collection (the Claire's polishes actually say "Color Club" on the back), except that Take Wing doesn't have this purple, and Starstruck doesn't seem to have the yellow. I love the chunky square bottle it comes in.


  1. Gorgeous purple! I love how vivid it looks in your pictures.

  2. very pretty! i love this purple glitter!

  3. Gorgeous! It has been a while for me to since I went to Claires. But as I see here I really need to pay them a visit soon.

  4. OHMG this is beyond gorgeous - I'm in love...

  5. this polish is gorgeous... I need to go back to Claires soon :)


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