Wednesday, June 6, 2012

butter LONDON - Lillibet's Jubilee for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

From what I understand, this past weekend celebrated Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, which marked 60 years since her ascension to the throne in 1952. In honor, butter LONDON has created a nail polish shade named Lillibet's Jubilee.

butter LONDON - Lillibet's Jubilee

Lillibet's Jubilee is a beautiful, bright silvery lilac foil. At first I was disappointed because I thought it was going to contain holo particles, but now that I've tried it I think it's stunning just how it is. What it does, it does very well! The finish is incredibly reflective and eye-catching, and the lilac tint sets it apart from all the other silver foils out there. It also has excellent formula, gliding on perfectly in two easy coats. I don't have anything like this in my collection; all the purple foils I have are darker and not as shiny. Elegant, yet striking.

Lillibet's Jubilee and all the other butter LONDON polishes are available on the butter LONDON website, as well as in Ulta stores and at They retail for $14 each. Lillibet's Jubilee is labeled as a limited edition on Ulta, but I'm not sure since Butter London's site makes no indication.

(Products were provided for review.)


  1. This is gorgeous! May have to go on my wish list. I like how they called it Lillibet, because apparently that's how the Queen used to pronounce her name when she was little! :) xox

  2. This is so pretty, I like that there's a point of difference from your standard silver foil in the lilac tint, which really makes it special and eye-catching :) So shiny as well!

  3. This is very lovely!! :D I love how they added that purple tinge to it!

  4. What a pretty one! I love silvers, and you're right--the tint does add something special. Cutest name ever, too. ;)

  5. great post!



  6. Love this one! I'm a sucker for anything remotely resembling purple, and the lilac tint in this is just beautiful!

    Also, I loved the links to other sites that used to be off to the right...why did it disappear?


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