Monday, November 28, 2011

Milani Ruby Jewels (China Glaze Ruby Pumps dupe)

It may be hard to believe, but out of my hundreds of nail polishes I actually do NOT own China Glaze Ruby Pumps *gasp*! Instead, I had this one already, and it's a dupe for Ruby Pumps. This is Milani Ruby Jewels, and it is just as breathtaking as that "original red glitter."

Milani - Ruby Jewels

For some reason, I could not get my camera to pick up the depth in this polish, and it also shows as a slightly warmer red here than in person. But in my defense, I actually have never seen a picture that accurately depicts this polish (or any of its dupes). It is the epitome of Christmas red. This polish also applies very nicely, taking just two easy, thin coats to achieve this bright cherry red sparkle.

*EDIT:  I had it wrong... it's Ruby JEWELS, not Ruby Gems  :o)


  1. that is so pretty. i own ruby pumps and it looks exactly like it. i like it so much. that color makes me think of candy canes

  2. Gorgeous!! Can't go wrong with Ruby Pumps or one of its dupes. A fun take on a classic color that will never go out of style. Perfect for the holidays as well!

  3. So pretty! I have the China Glaze version on my nails right now.

  4. Breathtaking is a perfect word for it. I don't own this one, but at least I have CG's, ;D

  5. This is so pretty!! I love your nails!

  6. Beautiful! And omg you have snow on your blog!!! It's so preeeeeeeeetty!!!


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