Friday, February 24, 2012

Zoya - NYFW Peter Som Collection: Swatches and Review

I'm not really sure what made me spontaneously buy the Peter Som collection from Zoya during NYFW (probably the fact that it was LE and had free shipping), but I'm glad I did!

Zoya - Audrey

Audrey is a pale, sheer pink jelly that has a nice glossy finish. This was the one I was most excited about because of its "revolutionary magical gel look." And the finish IS very nice, but the color is a bit uneven on its own. Not really streaky, but just more sheer in some spots and more opaque in others. Very light and feminine, and I like how it looks with three coats (shown).

Zoya - Katharine

My favorite of the collection. Katharine is a subdued plum/raisin jelly (it looks more eggplant in the bottle though) that is quite sheer on the first two coats, but builds up into a nice squishy jelly finish. For this swatch I used three thin coats, but I think it looked a little better the night before when I tried it with slightly thicker coats. Either way, it looks more even in person than in the pictures.  I love that this is a more dusty/greyed shade of red purple.  So chic and juicy.

Zoya - Evvie

Evvie is a very opaque dark sage grey creme. The only creme in the collection, it is completely opaque in two easy, thin coats. Again, very chic with a little bit of edge. Zoya really hits it home with their greens and this is no exception. I think it is also neutral enough to complement a variety of skin tones from cool to warm. Simple, but quite flattering.

Overall I'm quite impressed with this whole set. All of the shades are nice, and Audrey is so unique! Unfortunately, the set was limited edition for NYFW and is currently sold out, but I've heard rumors of these colors making it into the Zoya core line this fall or so.


  1. This collection is so gorgeous!!! :D

  2. Evvie seems to be a very, very nice color :)

  3. i wish i had picked these up but i really only want the plum color. btw i could be wrong but i think you have Katharine and Audrey mixed up? or mislabeled bottles?

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I fixed it now :o)

      I was going by Zoya's descriptions, but I still got them mixed up! Haha

  4. Audrey looks so nice on your skintone!! :)

  5. True jellies always photograph hard because they tend to look so patchy, but I LOVE the way Katherine looks on you!

  6. I was really tempted to buy the Peter Som collection. I held myself back from doing that and I really regret it! I am swooning over Katharine, your swatch is so gorgeous! I like Audrey and Evvie as well, and I hope that they do end up being added to the core line.


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