Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nostalgic - Bizarre Teenage Love Triangle: Swatches and Review

This is a set of nail polish that I saw awhile back on someone's blog and for some reason I passed on it (phooey!). Well, a few weeks later I managed to nab a set, along with the Truly Outrageous collection, which I will show later.

All three of these are multi size and color glitters in a sheer pastel jelly base. Because they are sheer, I decided to layer each one over one coat of a matching base color.

Nostalgic - Andie (over Color Club - I Believe in Amour)

Andie is a light pink jelly base with large salmon "pattern" hex glitters (click on the pic to see the crazy patterns on the large hexes!), and small lavender and magenta glitters. The small glitters are pretty prominent and are easy to get plenty on each nail. So light and pretty, yet with a bit of "pop" from the dark and large glitters!

Nostalgic - Blane (over OPI - A Grape Fit)

Blane is a lavender purple jelly with large dark blue hex glitters and small light blue and dark purple glitters.  I feel like I may have layered it over a color that was too dark, although I read somewhere that Nostalgic was going for a "moody" feeling with Blane. The glitters were a little bit harder to get even on this one, but not too bad.

Nostalgic - Duckie (over American Apparel - Office)

Duckie is a light teal jelly base with a sprinkling of large gold hexes, medium blue holo hexes and small gold glitters. The only one with a middle size glitter, it also has the most sparse glitter of the three. The application on this one is tough just because it's a bit difficult to get many glitter pieces in this one. But it's my favorite, so it's worth it.

None of these are pictured with topcoat, but I've tried Duckie with Seche Vite and it came out perfectly smooth with only one coat.

All three of these require a bit of patience in application and moving the glitters around. The trick I found was to pull the brush out of the nail polish and wipe it on the edge of the bottle neck a few times and wait for some of the polish to flow back down leaving some glitter in the neck. Then scoop up the patch of glitter that has what you want in it. Getting it on the nail just right takes a little time as well, but the end result it completely worth it in my mind. It's not a "quick manicure" by any means, but if you have the time to give it some more attention it looks so beautiful in the end!

The Bizarre Teenage Love Triangle collection is available in the NostalgicLacquer Etsy shop, but is in and out of stock frequently (because it's home made!). I know there is a planned restock with many of each color available in two days (Friday, Feb 24th) so keep your eye out if want to grab any of these!


  1. I am LOVING Blane and Duckie!!! Gorgeous =]

  2. I just got these three. I love how you layered it. They are so gorgeous!!!

  3. OMG...all 3 are worth having! Thank for the swatches, I'll definitely get them all.

  4. these are so pretty, everytime I see them I want them! Your swatches look awesome

  5. Curious, how much does it cost when it is in stock? Thanks! and o0o0o shes from Boston, same here, probably fast shipping :) hahah plotting order

  6. Curious, when they are in stock how much does the trio cost? Thanks! o0o0o and shes in Boston, same as me, fast shipping I bet :) haha plotting an order

  7. I am not that into pastels, but guessed I just changed my mind:)

  8. Ohh, I have been stalking these for the past 2 months, every swatch I see gets me closer and closer to biting the bullet and placing my order!

  9. Man, I have wanted Duckie badddd for some time and now I know I need all of them! What lovely swatches, thanks so much for your efforts :D

  10. I cannot chose only one, they are, all 3 fantastic.


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