Monday, January 23, 2012

Sephora by OPI - To the Glitter End

There's kind of a funny story behind getting this polish. I'll tell it after the swatches. To begin with, I got this because it looked like a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's I Love the Nightlife. I don't know if it's a perfect dupe since I don't have Nightlife, but it looks pretty much the same.

Sephora by OPI - To the Glitter End over ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly

This is another one of those chunky hexagon glitters like the Milani Jewel FX in silver and gold (by the way, I actually found Silver at Wal-Mart the other day!!). It'd be difficult to get to be "opaque," but probably possible. But I love the dark charcoal color of the glitter. I'm pretty sure that every time I want "black glitter," this is the color I REALLY want.

Now here's the story:

I went into Sephora at Union Square (the one at the end of the Powell cable car line), and asked one of the sales reps if they had this color. I had picked up the display one to show her which one I wanted. She made a big show to say "Wow! That's not even supposed to be out there! We're not allowed to sell that one yet!" Yeah right... I'd been to at least two Sephora's in the Phoenix, AZ area and they were all sold out of it, and it was available online but I didn't want to pay shipping. I told her both of those things, but to no avail.

Let me tell you, she was just MAKING SHIT UP. Maybe was just too lazy to go get some from the back, but whatever.

So later, my sister went in to see if she could get it. As it turned out, the guy she asked went right in to the back and put more on the shelf and gave her two to buy. I was SUPER happy that she got one for me, but still pissed about the lazy, full-of-bs sales rep. I kind of wish I would have gone back to her and warned her that she's losing business for her store and it will probably come bite her in the ass...

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  1. I need to go get this glitter ...... And some ppl are so lazy you should call the manager ....

  2. Oh I like this!! I want to get of chunky glitter polishes so I can use them for frankening!! :D

  3. That's a really wonderful combo - and I agree, you should inform the manager the next time you go there...

  4. I love that base color-may need to get that one!

  5. This is awesome! Looks very edgy. I hate it when sales people are unhelpful (lazy!)

  6. Is that in a clear base or is it tinted? The horror that was the Lippmann version was a weird black base and the glitter. It really was a bit on the bizarre side. This looks much prettier.

    1. This one has a clear base.

      I thought that Lippmann's version also had a clear base (based on swatches by Vampy Varnish here:

    2. I bet she's thinking of Funky Chunky, that one was horrible!

  7. I've been going through a TON of your posts and after seeing a billion different polishes, I'm DYING to see a pic of your entire collection where you store it, like all of the bottles on a shelf (or many shelves :)
    idk... i'm just curious.
    Love your blog, btw!!


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