Thursday, November 17, 2011

Incoco 24 Karats Wear Test Results

Well, here are the results from my Incoco wear test, and I must say I'm EXTREMELY impressed.

This photo below was taken today on the 13th day of wear (I put them on the morning of Saturday the 5th).

Incoco 24 Karats (Day 13)

I honestly cannot believe how perfect they look after 13 days. The only "flaws" in them are the little bit of out growth (I had been extra careful to push back my cuticles and place them as close as I could), and very slight tipwear. The tipwear shown here actually showed up within just a couple days of wear and hasn't gotten any worse since then. I have had ZERO chips the entire time.

All this said, I feel like I DEFINITELY got my $7.99 worth out of this product. A product that I can put on and wear for my entire 10+ day vacation without having to worry about my nails at all is definitely a winner. This is the only Incoco I've tried to actually wear for this long, but I imagine any of their glitters should have this lasting wear time. I have tried other Incoco strips that were a solid color, but I ended up taking them off after just a few days because I get anxious to change my polish, although I don't know that they'd wear as well as the glitters do. I've also tried Sally Hansen Salon Effects, but haven't had as good results with those either (though I haven't tried their glitter).

My one complaint about this is that I really HAVE to wear them for a long time for the price to be worth it to me. I mentioned in my original post that this is my all time favorite color gold, and I wish so badly that someone would come out with this color gold glitter in regular polish so I could wear it for a day or two at a time and not feel guilty. I was so badly hoping that China Glaze Blonde Bombshell was going to be close, but alas, it's too yellow...

Now here's my dilemma: I almost want to keep these on (I'm still not sick of the color) just to see how long is DOES take for them to chip... BUT I'm soooo anxious to try all the other holiday colors I have and do some more swatches, and I feel like it could be FOREVER before these chip!

What do you think I should do?


  1. Keep it on. I don't think I've read any blogs where anyone was able to wear them long enough to find out exactly how long they do last.

    Do it for the sake of nail experimentation!!! ;)

  2. Hahaha! Okie, I'll try and keep it on a while longer yet... ;o)

  3. Wow 13 days, amazing! Welcome back =D

  4. I think you should leave the nails strips on just to see how long they last, but if you want to swatch the new holiday colors, you could give your friends manicures for reviewing and photos! :)


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