Friday, August 19, 2011

Sinful Colors Let's Talk and Nfu-Oh 51

Just a quick layering combination that I had in mind when I first got Nfu-Oh 51. I'd seen it over purples and blues and loved it, so I wanted to try it with the most vibrant purple I own: Sinful Colors Let's Talk. This color is crazy I tell you!

I tried to capture the color shift of the Nfu-Oh flakies in the next couple pictures. You can see the bright green at the extreme angles. Soooo neat!

Here's a quick pic of Let's Talk on it's own... isn't it amazing?!


  1. This is such an awesome combo!

  2. I have both of them and I think I might have to try this combo. It's great.

  3. Sooo pretty! The base colour is gorgeous, and with the Nfu.Oh on top of it it's even prettier!

  4. Nice! Let's Talk was the color that started my nail polish obsession one year ago. I just bought Nfu Oh 51 today. I will definitely have to try this combo!

  5. Hi! Not sure why I didn't follow your blog yet - I am pretty sure I've seen it before and liked it back then too! But, now I am here and ready to enjoy your great posts!

    Nfu Oh 51 is gorgeous and seeing this reminded me of it - I am swatching it on a nailwheel right now over one of my bright purples: H&M Notoriously Beautiful.


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