Thursday, August 25, 2011

Missha HGR01 (with Chanel Peridot comparison)

Remember how much I fell in love with Peridot? It's the only polish in my collection that I've worn three times within a couple months, and I noticed I've already used a noticeable amount. Well, instead of buying a backup bottle (too expensive!) I decided I'd try out this polish that's supposed to be very similar to Peridot: Missha HGR01 (I found it on ebay, and it's not too terribly expensive). I am SO happy I did! Check this out!

Missha HGR01

This has the same duochrome metallic finish that Peridot does - so shiny and pretty! Like Peridot, it shows some brushstrokes while it's wet but they disappear as the polish dries.  The color spectrum on this one seems to "begin" where Peridot "ends." The greenish teal that you see at the extreme angles on Peridot is very similar to how HGR01 looks straight on. Then HGR01 turns to a bright cyan blue and even royal blue at the extremes. If mermaids wore nail polish (I only assume they don't because it'd be hard to paint your nails underwater... heehee), I think they would DEFINITELY wear this color. This feels like a "mermaid in a bottle." Oh, and also it smells like roses (very nice).

Because of it's similarity to Peridot, I wanted to show the two next to each other. I love both of these so much, though the gold in the Peridot really suits my skin tone more.

Missha HGR01 (middle and pinky) and Chanel Peridot (pointer and ring)

See how the green on Peridot (pointer) kinda of matches the green of the Missha (pinky). So cool! Love it!


  1. They look good on you!!

  2. Thanks for the comp!
    I just adore HGR01 and just got peridot, too. My first Chanel. Yay!!

  3. OMG dude, where has your blog been hiding?! You have the most amazing nails and swatches!

  4. Awwww, thank you so much Kaz!! I don't post too awfully often, since I have other stuff like work, but it keeps growing little by little. I've totally looked at your blog for reference sooooo many times!

  5. I wish I had these colors I would walk around with them on alternating fingers like you did. They are gorgeous!

  6. Hee! I actually did these alternating like that for a full manicure and had it on for quite a few days 'cause I loved it so much!


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