Friday, December 17, 2010

New Nail Shape + Old Favorite

After seeing a post by the Polish Hoarder in which she rounded her nails down because of a chip, I decided I liked how her nice short, ROUND nails looked! Of course, I had to try it for myself, but this is WAY out of character for me... I've always had very square-edged nails and never really appreciated rounded tips. Funnily enough, it IS very flattering.

So here are my new rounded nails with an old favorite of mine: OPI You Don't Know Jacques. This is such a wonderful fall/winter color, and it was the perfect glossy creme to test out my new nails!

Because the rounded shape isn't very apparent in this picture, here's one that shows it a little better.

How do you shape your nails? Do you stick to one shape or change it up often?


  1. Squared nails look fab on you but I like mine much more rounded. Agree that YDKJ is a staple in any nail polish collection. =)

  2. This polish is amazing on you! I try to keep my nails square but with rounded corners - squoval I guess?

  3. Oh my, what a gorgeous nail shape. I'd like mine really square, but the edges curve inwards when they get to a certain length. I have to squovalise (lol) to combat this.

  4. Ash, I have the exact same problem where the corners kinda "curl" in, and I hate it! So I like to keep them shorter and with a little roundness (probably considered "squoval", like you said :o)

  5. Your nail shape looks great! That's how mine is, all the time haha Love this color as well, looks almost like OPI Over the Taupe.

  6. Awesome colour and awesome nails! I love your application and nail shape! Another great blog to follow, yay! :) Happy new year!


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