Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some random Ulta polishes to get this blog going!

So I woke up this morning to find that I already had TWO followers! How awesome is that! So in celebration (and just for the fun of it) I'm putting up a few random nail polish swatches that I thought were somewhat worthy to be posted.

These are a few I just picked up from Ulta because of their $2 nail polish sale.

Ulta - Sun-Sational

Ulta - Goddess

Ulta - Diva

I actually ended up liking different ones than I expected here. I was surprised that Goddess was opaque in only 3 coats, since it looked like it would be quite sheer. Diva on the other hand was a little goopy and remained sheer the whole time. Sun-sational was probably my favorite and it wasn't too bad for being a yellow polish. It was a little streaky on the first coat, but coats 2 and 3 made it look very nice! Pretty, creamy, sunny yellow!

1 comment:

  1. I really like the Sun-sational, its so pretty!


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