Friday, April 2, 2010

Hello and welcome!

After stalking many a nail-polish-blog, I've finally decided to start one of my own! I am still figuring out how to blog as well as take pictures which accurately portray the various nail polish colors. For now, I would love any comments and suggestions you have for me!

Here is a picture of the wonderful polish that made me feel the absolute need to start my own blog: Charla from the new Zoya Sparkle Collection. The color in this one is SO amazing, and I'm still trying to find a way to capture its crazy teal sparkle. Let me know what you think and I'll try to post images of the rest of the collection in the next few days.

Zoya - Charla

I also want to thank the many other blogs I have been been following that have inspired me to start this one. You should definitely check these out if you haven't seen them already - they are amazing!


  1. Woo hoo! I'm your first follower. :o) Your blog looks great so far and I am seriously going to need to get the Zoya Sparkles soon. They are just gorgeous in all the pictures I've seen, including yours. Keep up the good work!

  2. Those sparkles are awesome! I have them but I promised myself to wear three untrieds before I wore those. Silly, but oh well.

    I want to post some pics on my blog but I already have a to do list. Blogging gets addicting and yours looks great!

    Found you through MeganChair's blog. I'm not a stalker.

  3. You take great pictures already. Hope to see more posts :)


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