Saturday, July 28, 2012

OPI - DS Design: Swatches and Review

I'm such a sucker for nude/gold holo polishes lately, and I was lucky enough recently to get OPI DS Design at an incredible price!

OPI - DS Design

Design is a perfect nude base with tons of sparkly holo pigment, just like the others in the DS series. For some reason, the rainbow colors seem a bit more subdued in this one, but it's still very stunning in the sun. In the shade, it matches my skin tone PERFECTLY.

Unfortunately, DS Design is discontinued (along with all the other holo DS polishes) and can be tricky to find. I found mine in a blog sale, so keep your eye out and you might just get lucky!


  1. This is a lovely shade - it's one I wouldn't have chosen back when the DS range was about I had the blues and purple shades but not this one, yet now see these swatches and I wish I had got it back in the day....

    Your nails looks great - perfect length and shape.

  2. I really really love this, it is the only DS I have a backup of. Every time I need work safe, subdued nails but with a twist, I'll reach for DS Design. It looks lovely on your nails! :-)

  3. How similar do you think this is to China Glaze FYI? Maybe it's a bit lighter in tone?

  4. Girl you make me lem this so much! Gah! =P

  5. If you're interested, most of the DS series is still available here in Japan. I'd be willing to do a trade if there are any more you want.

  6. 我想問這款色號是幾號?

  7. Augh, this is beyond gorgeous!

  8. Are DS design and DS classic the same thing? If so it is available on Amazon for $12.

    1. Nope. DS Classic is a VERY slight holo (if really at all). DS Design is a bright linear holo :o)


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