Saturday, April 7, 2012

Zoya Beach and Surf: Accent Nails

The first thing I noticed about the Zoya Beach and Surf collections was that they all seem to have a "match" in the other collection. There are plenty of swatches out there for Beach and Surf already, so I wanted to give it a twist and show how wonderfully these work for multi-finger accent manicures! I like more contrast for single-finger accents, but prefer the colors to be more closely related for the multi-finger accents.

Check out how well these go together!

Zoya - Wednesday and Zuza

Zoya - Tracie and Meg

Zoya - Arizona and Myrta

Zoya - Shelby and Rory

Zoya - Lara and Kimber

Zoya - Reagan and Carly

Of course, you don't have to pair them up with the most matching color. You can also pair random ones together. For instance, I loved the look of the orange and teal together so I paired Arizona with Zuza for this single-accent:

Zoya - Arizona and Zuza

Overall, while the colors are quite pretty and beach-y and summery, I have to admit that I was disappointed in the collections.  After the killer Sparkle (Summer 2010) and Sunshine (Summer 2011) collections, I was REALLY hoping for more spectacular bling from Zoya for this year.  I know that many others love shimmers and cremes and will be delighted with this collection, but I can't help but feel let down a bit.

I think Arizona was my favorite even though I don't own or like very many orange polishes.  It is the perfect soft, yet bright creamsicle orange that I think would be perfect on finger or toes at the beach!  Carly was also a standout.  It's a rich, intense purple foil that I have nothing even close to in my collection, and it's nearly a one-coater!  Some of the others I liked, some I didn't, but all had excellent formula.  Most are slightly thick and cover in two coats.

The Zoya Beach and Surf collections are both available now at the Zoya website.  They retail for $8 each or $48 for each sampler set.

(These products were sent for review.)


  1. Beautiful manicures!! I love the first one and the orange with the teal... such a beautiful combination!! :D

  2. oooo i love all of these! really great!

  3. Wow, Arizona and Zuza make a perfect match! I love all the combinations though. :)

  4. This Zoya collection was flying out of my radar, until now.
    I love your pictures and the colors. :)

  5. Thanks so much for these! I swear I've seen nothing but this collection in my RSS feed and while I LOVE it and totally drool over it every time, it's nice to see it done a little differently. Gorgeous! I might take the plunge once I save up some share the love points!

  6. I love these and your pictures!!

    You always have the best nail pictures. What camera setting do you use? Do you use lights? Im struggling to get mine to have good depth of field and still have a perfect exposure.

  7. Really lovely combos and I like the change-up from standard collection swatch posts.

  8. I love Zuza and Arizona, beautiful colours :-)

  9. I really have to get my paws on BOTH of those collections!

  10. These accent patterns are wonderful! So inspired!

  11. I love how you showed these off. So cute!!

  12. You give me the greatest nub-envy (well what I consider nubz) of all time! I WISH I could pull of short nails. And shape them like yours. This is probably my favorite of the million Surf/Beach posts I've seen :)

  13. You give me the biggest nub envy (well what I consider nubz!) of all time! I WISH I could pull of short nails. And could shape them like you! This is probably my favorite of the million Beach/Surf posts I've seen :)

    1. Awww, thank you!! I used to be disappointed that I didn't have nice long nail beds, but I've recently begun to appreciate being able to create shorter looks as well as long :o)

  14. How absolutely gorgeous! Reagan and Carly and Wednesday and Zuza are my faves!
    Love the shape of your short nails, too!


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